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Eifron Launches Avemar

Eifron Launches Avemar

Along with Greece, the AVEMAR® now represented in 15 countries worldwide and is unique in its class, accompanied by over 100 studies with more than 30 of these to be published on PUBMED.

In Eifron our mission is to offer innovative products that provide answers to challenging therapeutic categories.
We are convinced that the AVEMAR®, parallel to the standard treatment of cancer will be the # 1 choice in complementary approach damned disease.

The Avemar is registered as a "dietary food for special medical purposes for cancer patients" since 2002. The Avemar, also won the NutrAward Award as the "Best New Product of the Year" in California in 2006.

About Eifron

Eifron ( is a new company specializing in innovative monitoring solutions and the diabetes management. Focusing on finding ways to cover major medical needs that remain unmet. It offers products and services through innovative and patient-friendly systems helping people to live a full and satisfying life. Eifron ( is a valuable provider of products and services for patients striving to overcome them are, with one main objective: to become the first choice in customer preference.

Our Goal

In Eifron focus on finding ways to cover major medical needs that remain unmet.

We do this by offering products and services to patients in therapeutic areas we know best.

We will be a valuable provider of products and services for our customers because we strive persistently to overcome their expectations .

pioneering spirit

A pioneering spirit . A collaborative nature . And the resources and ability to bring the quality of life in the market.

Join Our Team

To best understand and address patients' hopes and needs, we look for people who reflect the thousands of diverse communities we serve.

Innovative customer service. In each level.

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